Southern Acre Wholesale offers Electrical Accessories, Body Swaps, Street Legal Conversions, Performance Upgrades, Lift Kit/Wheel & Tire Packages, Routine Maintenance & Service, Complete Restorations and Custom Paint Jobs.

Custom Speaker Install

Raise the volume with new, custom-installed speakers. We have two great options, the EcoXgear soundbar and the Bazooka tube for the best compact & high-quality sound.

Body Swaps

Let us swap your existing body with a brand new factory body.

Street Legal Conversions

We can help you get what you need to drive in your local neighborhood.

Performance Upgrades

From motor replacements to factory speed increases, we can get you that extra horsepower.

Lift Kit / Wheel & Tire Packages

From 2″ to 6″ kits, we install several different leading brand lift kits and carry a wide selection of wheels & tires.

Routine Maintenance & Service

Routine maintenance of your cart ensures you will get more life out of your investment.

Complete Restorations

Complete Custom Renovations are a great way to update that old cart you’ve had in your backyard for too long.

Custom Paint Job

From matching the color of your car, to that special Australian brand pain, once we paint it you won’t think it’s your cart.

Electrical Accessories

Proper electrical installation should be left to the professionals.